Summer will officially come to an end as of today at 2:21 p.m. CDT (September 22, 2021) with the first day of fall beginning after.

This summer was filled with unusually hot temperatures and drought-like conditions that saw a significant increase in forest fire activity.

Now more than three weeks in September, the forecast moving forward is supposed to include higher than normal temperatures.

“September has been quite a bit warmer than usual, about three degrees warmer than normal, we haven’t yet seen any frost in the area so we’re heading into fall without yet seeing any frost," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimbell.

"We might get to the end of the month without seeing any frost. It looks like we will continue to see warmer than average temperatures, not every day."

The average high for the month of September through the first 21 days has been 19.5 degrees Celsius, and the average low being 10.4 degrees.

Historically, Kenora has seen an average high for September of 17.1 degrees and an average low of 8.4 degrees.

The question on everyone's mind now is what is winter going to look like? Kimbell was able to provide a response.

“What I can say of course is that it will get cooler this fall, typically in October, we start to see the snowfall, on average 11 cms of snowfalls in the month of October, and that's less than a couple of weeks away. We will be getting snow but later that earlier this year,” added Kimbell

The forecast for the rest of the workweek will include sunshine in the low 20s and over the weekend showing cooler temperatures with pockets of rain.