Kenora residents only have three Matiowski Farmers’ Markets left in the summer season.

The City of Kenora and Tourism Kenora are hosting the weekly markets every Wednesday between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., but the final summer market is scheduled for September 30.

Kenora Mayor Dan Reynard says despite the odd and unforgettable summer season due to COVID-19, the markets have still been a huge boost to local tourism.

“What’s interesting is that as the summer’s closed, it seems to have gotten busier. It just seems to be more active with more people. Given everything that the city, tourists and locals have had to go through, it’s been very successful.”

Since early July, the Market has been able to reintroduce an ATM machine and up to eight non-essential craft vendors.

“Kudos to everyone who not only participated, but for our recreation and tourism staff that organized everything," added Reynard.

The Whitecap Pavilion is considered an outdoor venue, as long as the wall panels are up and not closed. Tourism Kenora notes this has been confirmed with the Northwestern Health Unit, who they have been working closely with to keep vendors and residents as safe as possible.

Safety precautions and protocols at the market include not being allowed entry if you have COVID-19 symptoms, if you have travelled outside of Canada in the last two weeks, or if you’ve been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of the illness.

While under the Pavilion and exploring the Market, you must always keep a two-metre distance away from other customers and vendors. Masks are strongly recommended, and you’re asked to wash your hands before you begin shopping.

Customers will be asked to make their purchases as quickly as possible, and to not touch the products. You are asked to ask the vendor to choose them and package them for you.

Only one person per family is asked to shop. There will be only one entrance and exit, and you’re asked to always follow the arrows and signage throughout the Market.

Staff will be present to help direct people in and out of the Market, and to ensure that people are not hanging around and socializing in the area. Residents are also asked to not smoke while waiting in line.

No open food samples will be distributed, and you’re asked to not eat food under the Pavilion. No seating areas of play areas will be allowed to be set-up around the area at this time.

Hand sanitizer and hand-washing supplies will be available for all vendors and customers throughout the area, and vendors are working to offer pre-packaged products and to round out their prices to reduce cash handling as much as possible.

This is the fifteenth annual year of the Matiowski Farmers’ Markets.

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