Downtown revitalization continues in Sioux Lookout with improvements to Wellington and Fifth.

Sioux Lookout Mayor Doug Lawrance is smiling these days. That's because the community's got funding to move ahead with some revitalization downtown.

Yesterday, they received the federal portion of a project worth about $2 million.

"It'll be tendered in the wintertime for a start-up in the spring," said the mayor. "It's just a bit late in the season to ask contractors to get started now, and expect it to be paved by the end of the year."

The project includes portions of Fifth and Wellington. It's meant to improve traffic flow into the downtown, which council hopes will also encourage business in the commercial district.

The mayor was joined by FedNor Minister Greg Rickford, who's also the MP for Kenora. A third of the money also came from the province.

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