Fire crews are on the scene of a fire at the Lila’s Block, formerly the Dalmore Hotel, on Main Street in Kenora. 

At noon, firefighters were battling a fully-involved fire, as they tried to contain the flames. Police have blocked off Main Street between Second and First, as they try to allow emergency crews to do their work.

Officials from the fire department and OPP were busy securing the scene, so there's no word yet on injuries or fatalities.

Tenants from the apartments upstairs had been given notice to be out of premises by the end of March.

The city had pursued the owners, saying the building had become a public nuisance. The court agreed, issuing the notice to evict at the end of December.

The order was issued against Eikre holdings, which is owned by Darryl and Phyllis Eikre. They didn't contest the ruling. Darryl Eikre reserved comment on the issue, as well as any next steps for the property. In an affidavit he gave last September, Eikre said he didn't oppose the closure of the second and third floors of the building for a period of time.

Within the last five years, the city noted there have been two fires at the property, along with multiple and recurring fire code violations, "thereby putting the residents and occupants of the property as well as those that work in and frequent the neighbouring properties at extreme risk, should a fire occur."

In his sworn affidavit during court proceedings, Eikre said he tried to have a tenant control access to the building and activities that took place inside. However, he emphasized tenants have a legal right to allow visitors, and "it is virtually impossible to control who gets into the building, even with all outside doors locked at all times."

The owner added he had issued more than 200 no trespassing orders authorizing officers to remove unwanted persons and he had even been assaulted himself.

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