It was a big night for Beaver Brae students.  

Kenora students in grades 9-12 gathered on the greenbelt on Friday to take the customary pre-prom photos with their friends.

Luc Boucha was on the Greenbelt with his prom date Tessa Penner, both seniors enjoyed the occasion. 

"Well, prom is kind of like the big thing every year because it symbolizes the end of the year - you made it through another year," said Boucha

"For us seniors, it's a little bigger for us, it's our last high school prom. We are never going to have another one so now that we can finally have it - luckily we can finally have it - it's just that much more important to us."

"It's pretty special to have prom our senior year after two years of kids not being able to have it, it was lucky that we can all come out here and be together one last time," explained Penner.

When asked what her favourite part of the in-person school year was, Penner said "Probably having sports again and being able to travel with our team."

Last week was prom for St. Thomas Aquinas students and Friday's prom was hosted by Beaver Brae, although students from both schools can attend either event. 

Here are some photos from the big night: