Staff with the Northwestern Health Unit have reported four additional cases of COVID-19 in their catchment area. They include three new cases in the Kenora Region, and one in the Sioux Lookout area.

Follow up with the persons involved and their contacts has started according to protocol. Anyone who is identified as a contact for these cases will be contacted directly.

NWHU recommends that everyone assume COVID-19 is in their community and practise preventive measures like physical distancing, wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces and when physical distancing is a challenge, good hand hygiene, and not touching their face.

Lake (Part) 40, Shoal Lake 34B2, Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, The Dalles 38C, Wabaseemoong, Whitefish Bay 32A, Whitefish Bay 33A, Whitefish Bay 34A

The Sioux Lookout region is defined as: Bearskin Lake, Cat Lake 63C, Deer Lake, Hudson, Kee-Way-Win, Lac Seul 28, MacDowell Lake, Muskrat Dam Lake, North Spirit Lake, Osnaburgh 63B, Pickle Lake, Pikangikum 14, Poplar Hill, Sachigo Lake 1, Sandy Lake 88, Sioux Lookout, Slate Falls, Weagamow Lake 87

Cases announced for the Kenora region:

Monday, November 16 - 1

Tuesday, November 17 - 1

Wednesday, November 18 - 1

Thursday, November 19 - 1

Friday, November 20 - 2

Saturday, November 21 - 4

Sunday, November 22 - 2

Monday, November 23 - 5

Tuesday, November 24 - 1

Wednesday, November 25 - 0

Thursday, November 26 - 3

Friday, November 27 - 3