The City of Kenora has announced free parking will be implemented in the downtown core for Kenora residents throughout the month of July.

This announcement is in regards to the 2021 Glad You Are Here campaign that kicked off with a banner cutting last week.

“With the COVID-19 restrictions lightening up, we want to really get people back downtown, shopping, dining, making it a more active place again, and what we normally see in summer, this is just one small part. We have added the outdoor patio campaign, so there's a lot of promotions going on that we're trying to just get people back downtown and active shopping again,” said Kenora Mayor Dan Reynard

The campaign's focus is to revive the hustle and bustle of the Harbourtown Centre and encourage everyone to return to Kenora for shopping and dining.

“It's always good, our summer residents or visitors along with the local people. It's just creating such an energetic vibe throughout the community, there’s activities, its busy and there's more economic spending going on, definitely, our summer visitors and our summer residents are such an important part of that,” added Reynard

The Manitoba/Ontario border restriction was lifted on June 16, 2021, which allowed Manitoba residents to visit Kenora and the province of Ontario for non-essential reasons.