As small business owners across the community continue to adapt and survive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Dan Reynard is encouraging residents to shop locally over the holidays.

Reynard says the City of Kenora has partnered with the Kenora and District Chamber of Commerce and the Harbourtown Biz to promote local merchants and retailers.

“Council made the decision that we’re going to provide free parking in the Harbourtown Centre through the entire month of December.”

“The goal here is to put the focus on people staying in the community, shopping in the community and supporting those local businesses. Everybody’s working together to help our businesses that need support, and they’re always here for us.”

Reynard says throughout the month, city staff will also be taking out the city’s old parking meters. In January, Kenora’s new parking meters will be activated. He says the new meters will make downtown winter operations that much easier.

City councillor Andrew Poirier has also asked residents to support local businesses over the next couple of months, just as residents have over the last 8 months of the pandemic.

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