Councillors and front line workers are going door-to-door in Red Lake, as about 200 residents remained in the community of about 4,100 this morning, according to provincial cabinet minister Greg Rickford. 

"The Ministry of Natural Resources with their fire bombers have been working virtually around the clock to bring this fire under control and to save critical infrastructure of Red Lake," he said earlier today.

An emergency order has been discussed, which would force people to leave. 

After talking with Mayor Fred Mota, the fire was estimated to be under 2 km from Red Lake, but closer to some communities such as Madsen, where power has been cut. 

The minister also visited Dryden's evacuation centre yesterday, before moving on to visit with evacuees in Thunder Bay, as staff and volunteers helped evacuees. The province is also helping with a database of evacuees, who have been dispersed into various communities, in order to assist with tracking.

"It was really something to see. This has been a testament, again, to the people of northwestern Ontario," he said.

Long-term residents in Red Lake were moved to Kenora Monday night. 

The minister said the province was in the process of getting the fire under control, before assessing damages and expenses. He noted the Red Cross, emergency shelter in Dryden are helping, and other levels of government may be involved in helping those in need.

"Our measures have been exhaustive to help those in need," he said, noting relief efforts have taken many forms.

Evacuees have sought safety at private homes, hotels, resorts along with the evacuation centres.

About 100 evacuees at Clark's Northern Lights off Hwy. 105 got help with food and water from the Salvation Army this morning. About 40 evacuees are expected at Sunset Country Adventures near Vermilion Bay, and they're trying to take advantage of assistance being offered in the area.

Rain in the forecast may help to control the fire, but forecasters note an intense rain may not soak into the ground enough. Lightning strikes may also add to the number of fires in the region.

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