It's time to get your walk on for It's a Dog's Life. The dog fostering network has launched a new fundraiser where your walking helps raise money for them. President of It's a Dog's Life Chris Madison explains.

"People can download it from the website. We get a donation from every mile or kilometre that someone walks. Basically the company that is doing they have people can buy then a certain portion of the sales gets put into a big pool. It's then split up between all the rescues that are registered with them," she said.

Each week the money is split up according to which animal agency has the most mileage from people walking.

"It's not a lot. I think all told it's been about $100 all together so far. But as far as I know there's only 7 or 8 people that have the app. So the more people that sign up and walk, the bigger out cut from the pot will be," she said.

The fundraising program is run by Resqwalk. Madison says the money raised will go towards the usual vet bills and pet supplies such as food.

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