St. Thomas Aquinas students are putting some more colour and art into their cafeteria. George Brunton's art classes have been working on three giant murals for one of the walls in the cafeteria.

Grade 12 student, Jourdan Kardal talks more about the mural.

"It's three tiers high. Each tier represents your body, mind and spirit and they're all interconnecting. The drawings that are on it we don't have any words to explain anything because we do have exchange students who come from different countries and they may not be able to read English right off the bat. So we use pictures to get our message across," she said.

Kardal explains how they came up with the art for the mural.

"A bunch of the classes brainstormed a bunch of ideas and then we put them all together," she said.

Each of the three tiers will be on a separate canvass and the art will be done all in paint. Kardal thinks the new artwork is a great idea.

"I think it's pretty cool. It doesn't just leave it blank. It's a conversation piece," she said.

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