Multiple people had their lives changed on Tuesday morning after a fire destroyed/damaged a restaurant, two boutiques and multiple apartments.  

Local emergency crews responded to a fire at 301 Second Street South in the early hours of June 28, 2022. The fire completely destroyed The Hungry Pug, a town-favourite breakfast place, as well as multiple apartments located above the restaurant. Neighbouring shops Poplar and Birch and Island Girl were also damaged in the fire, both face significant water and smoke damage. 

There has been an outpouring of support from the community, kind words on social media and thousands of dollars in financial support. 

So far, three GoFundMe pages have been set up.  

A GoFundMe page has been created for Sue Patsiatzis, owner of the building as well as a longtime resident of one of the apartments that were lost. Sue and her husband, Gus Patsiatzis, started the Bizzi Bee restaurant in 1981. They purchased the old Salisbury House and since then, operated a 25-year-long restaurant and raised three children in the unit above.  

The building was not only Sue’s legacy but also her family home – an undeniable loss.  

If you would like to donate to Sue, you can find the GoFundMe page HERE:  

Someone else who lost their home in this tragedy is Paul Warmbier Sr. Paul was able to safely exit the building but he lost all of his belongings in the blaze.  

Paul’s daughter-in-law, Rachael Warmbier, has set up a GoFundMe page to help get support for her in-law. In her message, she said, “We are grateful that no one was harmed during the devastating fire and that our father/grandfather is safe and sound, but the cost to replace his belongings and secure him a new home is unfathomable.” 

If you would like to donate to Paul, you can find his GoFundMe page HERE:  

If you ask anyone in Kenora, the go-to breakfast spot is The Hungry Pug. Unfortunately, the business was completely lost to the fire. In response to the news, a GoFundMe was set up to help Carl (the owner) and his staff get back on their feet.  

Bekkie Vineberg is the organizer of the page, in her message, she said, “For all of us who have breakfasted, lunched, laughed, been warmly welcomed, had dietary preferences and needs lovingly and attentively attended to, and who have been accepted and embraced for who we are, we now have an opportunity to support Carl and his staff as they move through this transition.” 

At the time of writing this, the GoFundMe page has already amassed over $29,000.  

If you would like to donate to The Hungry Pug and staff, you can find the GoFundMe page HERE: