It was an illustrious crowd Tuesday evening, as five provincial business leaders were inducted into the Manitoba Business Hall of Fame. One of those five was Golden West CEO Elmer Hildebrand.

The company began in Altona in 1957 with CFAM 950. That station now serves as the head office for the company that's grown to 41 stations across western Canada and northwestern Ontario.

Throughout this growth, Hildebrand has maintained a strong position for keeping the headquarters in Manitoba.

"We could've moved anywhere in Canada, especially in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but we're Manitobans and we're proud to still be here,"he said.

He encouraged young business operators to chase their dreams, but is quick to add that those goals can be achieved right here at home.

"That's certainly what we've done. You don't have to go far away," he added.

Hildebrand goes on to say that Manitoba has a lot to offer, and it's a great place to raise a family, live and play.

When asked what impression he hopes people are left with after hearing the Golden West story, Hildebrand replied.

"That Golden West is connected to the community, that we're looking after communities - small and large - across the prairies and that we'll continue to do that," he continued.

Also inducted Tuesday evening were Arthur DeFehr of Palliser Furniture, Mary Kelekis of Kelekis Restaurant, the late Hugh Munro of Munro Construction and Duncan Jessiman, chairman and owner of Bison Transport.

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