The nice weather isn't discouraging Kenora residents from visiting the home show. Carol Leduc from the chamber of commerce is happy to see people dropping by the rec centre.

"Oh, it's terrific. Despite the beautiful weather, which gives people other reasons not to be here. They're coming, and we're having an excellent turnout," she said.

One of the exhibitors is Sandy Zeemel of Lisa's Helping Hands. Zeemel explains how their business idea came out of their family's experience with a personal tragedy.

"Her mother-in-law was actually in a terrible fire a year ago, and she has spent almost the whole year helping them out. I think this is maybe where the idea sort of fostered, and she's really, really enjoyed it," Zeemel said.

The warm spring weather has people thinking about projects for the home and cottage. Kevin Sinclair of SST Basement Systems was happy to greet customers at the Kenora Home Show.

"We have so many products. We've patented over 18 for below-grade space environments. So, anything you have, we come out and assess it. I'm sure we can help you," he said.

Leduc said the numbers of exhibitors was roughly the same as last year, but they had some new and different booths for people to come out and see. The chamber of commerce says crowds have been good this year, as people took a break from the nice weather for a visit to the show.

The show continues until 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

For more information:
Kenora & District Chamber of Commerce - 29th annual home show