In six months Google and Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, will be removing Canadian news from their websites in retaliation to Bill C-18.

The bill makes them create deals for fair compensation to media outlets when their news content is shared on those platforms.

At a press conference Wednesday Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez laid out what profits Google and Meta have made prior to C-18 receiving royal assent on June 22nd.

"Platforms are using content from our journalists, from our news organizations, profiting off of their ads, and watching journalism decline as they eat up huge revenue. As a matter of face 80 percent of the ad revenue is going to those two companies."

According to Rodriguez last year that percentage represented almost $10 billion in revenue for the tech giants.

It was at Wednesday's press conference where Rodriguez announced the federal government would no longer be advertising via Meta's platforms.

However, despite the hostility, he urged the two firms to continue discussions.

"We're calling on both platforms to stay at the table, work through the regulatory process with us, contribute their fair share, and keep news on their platform. Its good for the platforms, good for news in Canada, good for Canadians and good for our democracy."

Rodriguez notes there are many eyes from around the world watching the interaction between the three parties, as other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Brazil.