The president of the Central Community Club, Tim Gosnell, is asking neighbours to keep an eye out, as they try to catch graffiti artists.

"I'm just worried more about the vandalism, of how much its costing to keep repairing and having to paint over the symbols all of the time, the city doesn't really have to do that it's unnecessary," he said.

OPP Const. Ronni Grosenick says their street detectives are aware of the situation.

"Any graffiti occurrence that we receive, we go out, we photograph the graffiti and we keep an ongoing database so that we can look at what the graffiti is and the message that's being sent," she said.

She added that the database can lead to multiple charges for an offender.

"You will see similar graffiti in similar places, that can indicate that it can be the same person and that would be multiple charges of mischief to one person," she said.

Anybody with information can call the detachment at 548-5534, or the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at 1-800-222-8477.