Tomorrow is the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis, which for the past six years has been held in memory of Jayson Morrison. This year Carstar has signed up as a national sponsor, and Carstar Kenora is doing their part to help. Natalie Spencer from Carstar Kenora, explains how much they've raised so far.

"Our goal for the shop was $1,000 which we've already outreached. So, we're pretty excited about that. We'd like to maybe even up our goal to about $1300 and see where it takes us," she said.

Spencer says everyone will be participating.

"All of our employees are involved, and then any families of the employees," she said.

And she encourages everyone to join in the walk.

"Absolutely come out and join the event. Come for the walk, and there's going to be a barbeque afterwards," she said.

Registration is at 10 o'clock at Anicinabe Park.

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