Saint Thomas Aquinas held their annual Athletic Banquet on Wednesday, June 8.  

Over 270 people attended the in-person event ready to celebrate the achievements of the hard-working student-athletes.  

Here are the award recipients for the 2021/22 school year:  



MVP - Jaxen Savage 

Most Improved - Jack Bush 

Sportsmanship - Lucas Pavey 

Junior Boys Volleyball:

MVP - Connor Grandbois 

Most Improved - Ashton Nutley  

Sportsmanship - Finn Lundy 

Coach's Award - Lucas Pavey 

Senior Boys Volleyball:

MVP - Keenan Brown & Cooper Thompson   

Most Improved - Spencer Sundin 

Sportsmanship - Logan McDonald 

Coach's Award - Sawyer Peters 

Junior Girls Basketball:

MVP - Sophie Muise & Sienna Siemens  

Most Improved - Alexandrea Spivey-Gittins  

Sportsmanship - Madison McClain  

Coach's Award - Delaney Turner  

Senior Girls Basketball: 

MVP - Elizabeth Spivey-Gittins  

Most Improved - Jian Rondilla  

Sportsmanship - Avery Desjarlais  

Coach's Award - Ashley Vogrig 

Junior Girls Volleyball 

MVP - Madison McClain  

Most Improved - Danika Wojtowicz / Lexie Wyder 

Sportsmanship - Teagan Tom 

Coach's Award - Abigail Nowe 

Senior Girls Volleyball 

MVP - Gabriella Novelli / Elizabeth Spivey-Gittins 

Most Improved - Heidi Pitura 

Sportsmanship - Avery Desjarlais  

Coach's Award - Grace Kowal / Ashley Vogrig 

Junior Boys Basketball 

MVP - Connor Grandbois 

Most Improved - Josh Gallik / Javan Ura 

Sportsmanship - Scanlon Wiebe 

Coach's Award - Josh Pitt / Skyler Bouchard 

Senior Boys Basketball 

MVP - Keenan Brown / Cooper Thompson  

Sportsmanship - Rayden Slusarcyk  

Coach's Award - Colby Wallace & Sawyer Peters  


MVP - Danika Wojtowicz  

Most Improved - Makayla Vandenbroere  

Sportsmanship - Kailee Mouland  

Girls Hockey 

MVP - Sophie Muise 

Most Improved - Isabella Reynard 

Sportsmanship - Delaney Turner  

Coach's Award - Addyson Greer 

Rookie of the Year - Reese Rody 

Boys Hockey 

MVP - Sawyer Peters 

Most Improved - Keenan Brown / Rayden Slusarcyk  

Sportsmanship - Travis Biehn 

Coach's Award - Lucas Dewson 

Rookie of the Year - Spencer Sundin 


MVP - Selena Tod  

Most Improved - Paola Mendez Castro 

Sportsmanship - Madison Korba-Nyberg  

Coach's Award - Leah Wykes 

Cross Country Running 

MVP - Colby Wallace / Scanlon Wiebe  

Sportsmanship - Shawana Rae 

Junior Badminton 

MVP - Sophie Muise / Delaney Turner / Jake Kakekapetum 

Most Improved - Abigail Nowe /  Madison McClain 

Sportsmanship - Reed Chevalier / Athena Asuncion 

Senior Badminton 

MVP - Isaiah Kakekapetum 

Most Improved - Reese Tkachuk / Elizabeth Favreau / Colby Wallace / Carson Maffey 

Sportsmanship - Juan Tan / Jian Tan 

Track & Field 

MVP - Elizabeth Spivey-Gittins 

Most Improved - Aiden Rose 

Sportsmanship - Bryce Anderson / Lyndon Paypom 

Boys Soccer 

MVP - Scanlon Wiebe 

Most Improved - Connor Grandbois 

Sportsmanship - Keenan Brown / Lucas Pavey 

Coach's Award - Miguel DaCosta / Colby Wallace 

Rookie of the Year - Wyatt Greer 

Girls Soccer 

MVP - Mandy Fenelon / Ashley Vogrig 

Most Improved - Cleo Bourgeois 

Sportsmanship - Lauren Sharp 

Coach's Award - Molly Hendy 

Rookie of the Year - Waverley Wiebe / Delaney Turner 


Junior Male Athlete of the Year - Connor Grandbois 

Junior Female Athlete of the Year - Delaney Turner 

Senior Male Athlete of the Year - Keenan Brown 

Senior Female Athlete of the Year - Elizabeth Spivey-Gittins