A group of Kenora residents joined in solidarity Saturday afternoon to show their support for the Freedom Convoy, which has made its way to Ottawa.

Just before 1:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon a peaceful show of support was held for the convoy by residents at City Hall waving signs that read “No More Masks”, “I am Born Free”, “Faith Over Fear Hugs Not Masks”, and many more.

Numerous passing motorists showed their support by honking their horns on their way by.

Kenora resident Jackie McAllister came out in support Saturday to have her voice be heard.

“I’m tired of the mandates, I’m tired of people telling us how we should be, and how we should behave, and what we need to do for our bodies. I refuse to give into that. I’m so proud that I could support the truckers today and Canada,” said McAllister.

She hopes that while the convoy is in Ottawa this weekend they can get the COVID-19 mandates removed.

“I want us to be open like the UK’s open, Spain’s open. We need to open up cause our economy is dying. There are so many mental health issues, suicides, and domestic violence is up. We need to stop and stand together and unify.”

Michael Mayman another supporter explained more about the solidarity gathering.

“We’re just a bunch of really proud Canadians out here trying to represent our constituents and other fellow people. All the people here are just trying to stand up for their freedoms. They want to watch their kids play hockey, they want to go to family reunions and weddings,” Mayman said.

The Freedom Convoy made its appearance in Kenora on Tuesday night (January 25, 2022) as a couple of hundred trucks and vehicles came through the city and were welcomed by a number of supporters.

In November 2021 the federal government announced that Canadian truckers crossing in the U.S. must be vaccinated or face a 14 day quarantine period.

The federal mandate came into effect on January 15 in Canada, and January 22 in the U.S. for all truckers to be fully vaccinated to cross the border.