Director of Education with the Kenora Catholic District School Board, Derek Haime, says staff are working alongside the Northwestern Health Unit to minimize the risk of COVID-19 to St. Louis Living Arts School, after a positive case of COVID-19 was identified within the school community.

Haime says the affected classroom is now closed, and will undergo a deep cleaning.

“St. Louis School, like all of our schools, have been very diligent with following all of the NWHU recommended safety protocols, maximum distancing possible at all times, frequent hand washing, mask wearing.”

“We’ll continue to follow the good advice of the health unit moving forward. Health and safety of everyone is our top priority.”

Haime adds they were informed of the positive case late yesterday afternoon, and staff then worked to contact all affected individuals and individuals were given instructions to wait to hear from the health unit directly.

Those not contacted by the NWHU can continue to attend school as usual, and the NWHU has determined that there is no increased risk to staff or students.

Haime says while the last few months of COVID-19 protocols have been tough for staff and students, the KCDSB community knows they’re all in this together.

“Parents have been exemplary in teaching their children, our students have been exemplary in following those protocols, and staff have been great to be there to remind and support.”

“Everybody realizes we’re all in this together, and we’re all working really hard to make this as good as it can be. I’ve seen that not only in our school board, but all throughout the province. We’re all in the same boat, and everyone’s maintaining a stiff-upper lip to ensure that education moves forward effectively.”

Due to NWHU protocols, they do not release exact information on identity, and it is not confirmed whether the case was a student or staff member.

The case at St. Louis is one of five identified in Kenora area over the last two days.

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