The Northwestern Health Unit has put out an advisory about smoke from western wild fires.

It says some communities over the next few days may experience more of the smoky air.

The Health Unit is advising residents, particularly children, pregnant women, people with breathing issues and anyone who works out doors to take precautions.

It says breathing in the smoky air can be harmful to your health and may cause coughing, throat irritation, headaches, and difficulty breathing.

Some of measures you can take include recirculating the air in your home or vehicle, if you have air conditioning.

Other tips include:

  • If it looks smoky outside, stay inside as much as possible with your windows and doors closed.
  • Avoid using items that ‘burn’ such as wood and gas stoves, incense and candles, or frying foods.
  • Avoid smoking or vaping to limit the number of harmful particles in your lungs and in the air around you.
  • If you are in your car or truck, keep the windows closed and put the air system on ‘recirculate’.
  • If you have an air conditioner, set it to ‘recirculate’ and keep it running to help filter and cool the air.
  • Anyone with asthma should use their medication as prescribed. Call a health care provider if your symptoms worsen.
  • If you have air cleaners with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, turn them on.
  • If you have an HVAC system in your home, use the highest rated MECV filter rated for your system and set your fan to recirculate.