The health unit says they're seeing signs that efforts to contain and isolate cases of the coronavirus in the Kenora area are working. The medical officer of health, Dr. Kit Young Hoon, offered an update yesterday.

"For the Kenora region, most of the cases are for that one community which is seeing a sudden increase in cases. So, there is one community that is primarily effected. The situation outside of that community has not changed since last week. So, we're seeing very few cases outside of that community," he said.

The health unit reported 82 active cases yesterday, down 18 from 101 active cases reported last Friday.

The Northwestern Health Unit says merchants in Kenora shouldn't be refusing service, due to the recent outbreak. Doctor Kit Young Hoon offered the health unit's position during yesterday's briefing.

"We did think it was very important to let businesses know that refusing service by race would not be a useful measure, but in addition, it can be harmful to people just in effecting how people feel about themselves and their community...and it does go against the human rights code," she said. 

There have been a number of messages issued by community leaders in recent days asking area residents to be kind to one another as public health partners work to contain an outbreak in the area.

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