Resort operators are facing a daunting future, and they staged a rally in Vermilion Bay last week. Kenora MP Eric Melillo says he's been lobbying the government on their behalf.

"It's been our sole focus, and we've been working with the government on that to hold their feet to the fire. We're going to keep pushing them to make sure that we get the support to those who need it," he said Friday.

Kenora MP Eric Melillo is lobbying Ottawa for help with tourism, as American border remains closed.Melillo echoes the request of lodge owners, as they advocate for direct aid through grants to the industry. While there are loans and wage subsidies available, resort operators say the lack of American visitors means they don't all have the cash flow to weather the coronavirus outbreak.

"Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they've had very limited opportunities for clientele, and they've been quite frankly left out of federal government support, which is exactly why I've been advocating for them primarily for the last two months

Melillo says many resorts, lodges, outfitters and guides continue to be worried about the prospect of a lost season, as it may close businesses to close for good.

Resort owners rallies in Vermilion Bay last weekend, as more than 200 are facing a summer without income. They're saying loans and wage subsidies aren't helping, as they face a cash flow crunch, which could put many of them out of business.

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