CEO Mark Balcaen (left) and chairman Fred Richardson at LOWDH

When a person's in distress, Anita Cameron from the Kenora Area Health Access Centre says medical staff shouldn't be spending a whole lot of time trying to research a patient's history.

"In some cases if they've got complex or compound disease issues going on, a pretty long and complicated history and its wasting time sometimes. Time can be of the essence in diagnosing a problem and getting the appropriate treatment happening," she said.

Cameron also talked about some of the gaps that need filling.

"when we're handing off care from one level of care to another or from one care provider to another its got to be done in such a way that its continuous and seamless and that people don't fall through those cracks," she said.

Hospital CEO Mark Balcaen agrees, adding his budget's limited and his staff needs help from the community.

"There's not too many options when you need healthcare after hours or on the weekend and we certainly are looking forward to working with our community health partners to see what they're able to do," he said.

"We need those agencies to work with us to care for those patients more than Monday to Friday," he said.

Hospital board members say they're looking for dates, so they and their staff can meet with their counterparts at the access centre, as they look for ways to improve service.

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