Northwestern Ontario could see close to record-breaking highs through the weekend and into next week, after a few thunderstorms.

“We do have a bit of a combination weather system going on with increasing heat and humidity over the coming days, not just in Kenora and the Lake of the Woods area, but pretty much right across northwestern Ontario,” explains Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson.

Friday’s forecast is calling for showers, a possible thunderstorm, 20k southeast winds and a high of 31 with the humidity. Saturday is looking like sun and a high of 32, with Sunday calling for a high of 27.

“We’re also going to see some unsettled weather,” adds Coulson. “We could be looking at a few showers and thunderstorms, with some pop-up showers over the weekend as well.”

Thankfully, for those who are getting outdoors and enjoying the warm weather, Coulson says the potentially record-setting highs are expected to continue into next week. 

“This particular heat spell is likely to last well-through next week. We finally see the pattern starting to break down about a week or so from now. It does look like a long-lived heat event, with much above normal temperatures during the day, but also some pretty mild temperatures overnight.”

“Current records are expected to be a degree or two above forecast highs that we’re looking at, but that is something that could be happening as this heat event goes on further in time,” adds Coulson.

Friday’s warmth record of 32 degrees and Saturday’s record of 33 degrees were both set in the summer of 1988. Sunday’s 32 degree record was reported in 1939.