With colder weather approaching, many people are excited to get out on the ice, but there could be danger if the ice is too thin. Shaun Clifford of the Sunset Trail Riders Club says you should always be sure of the thickness of the ice, before heading out on the lake.

He adds that the recommended minimum thickness is 5 inches, but the thicker the ice is, the better.

The following guidelines have been issued by the Northwestern Ontario Snowmobile Trail Association:

3" / 7 cm. or less - stay off
4 " / 10 cm - ice fishing, walking, cross-country skiing
5 " / 12 cm - one vehicle (snowmobile or ATV)
8 - 12" / 20-30 cm - one vehicle (car or small pick-up truck)
12-15" / 30-38 cm - large pick-up trucks

For more information:

Northwestern Ontario Snowmobile Trails Association: