The cost of insurance for the City of Kenora is going up.

Initial estimates put insurance costs up over $155,000 from last year.

Director of Human Resources Roberta Marsh says much of the reason has to do with flooding last year.

"This increase is largely due to the claims that we've experienced," Marsh told city council at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Wednesday.

"We've had significant flooding in the area, which you are well aware.  That definitely affected our experience rating and has adjusted the claims."

Marsh says the increase in insurance premiums is up 28 percent over last year and suggests most municipalities are seeing similar increases.

"Our experience is no different from anyone else, any other municipality that's happing in the region, and quite frankly across the country.  So it is a hard market for our insurance premiums right now."

All told, the city will pay insurance premiums of $686,194.00.

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