The rush is on to get your shack off the ice Tuesday afternoon

The ice roads on Lake of the Woods Monday evening

A photo of the landing at Robertson's Road Monday afternoon

You almost needed a boat to use the ramp at the end of Robertson Road Monday afternoon, as mild temperatures combined with rain to melt away the ice. Conditions are expected to warm up through the week, with the mercury reaching well into the double-digits by Friday.

Brignalls removing their ice shack

When is it time to take off your ice shack off the lake. With the warmer weather this week, although there is still lots of ice, Bob Brignall and his son Rick decided it was time, as Rick explains.

“There's lots of slush, it warms up so that the landings go, get really bumpy and big water holes. So instead of the fuss later on, we are just doing it this weekend because it's a lot easier,” he said.

Ian Ostenfeldt explained who was fishing with family and friends,explained his friend does have a plan for removing his ice shack.

“In about a week and a half we are  probably pulling it off.  The ice is still good but it's the landing we are concerned about, getting the trucks on and off, “ he said.

With still about 2 1/2 feet of ice and the fishing is still good, the landings seem to be the main concern of some people with ice shacks on the lake, including the road over Treaty Island which is very rough for pulling a trailer over.

Entrance to Ice Road from MNR landing

South entrance to Treaty Island

Ice shack to be removed in about a week.