Plans are being made to house Wabaseemoong community members' dogs as the community prepares to evacuate as the region deals with the worst forest fire season in living memory.

Kenora Fire 51 remains on the north side of Umfreville Lake, about 12 kilometres north of Wabaseemoong Independent First Nation and Its Dog's Life Fostering Network is looking for foster homes to house small dogs on a temporary basis if the while community is evacuated.

"Some have been able to secure places where they can bring the dogs, but most cannot," said Chris Madison from It's Dog's Life Fostering Network

"We're looking for homes that can take these smaller dogs for as long as the families have to stay away, it could be a week, it could be days, it's just so hard to tell. We will provide everything. The food, anything that the dog needs while in your care."

The critical need is for temporary foster homes.

"We're asking everyone to fill out an application at our website. These are dogs that are being entrusted to us. I know it's an emergency situation, but I want to be really careful about where the dogs go and [ensure] people understand that these dogs are going to be upset and missing their families."

The outside dogs will be staying in the community and will be provided with food and water by Wabaseemoong community members who are remaining behind.

Madison added that the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society has donated a pallet of food for the large dogs. They are also looking for donations of pails that could be used to hold drinking water for the animals.

Yesterday, Wabaseemoong Independent First Nation began to evacuate vulnerable populations and those with underlying health conditions.