It's A Dog's Life Fostering Network is looking to make the holidays brighter with Christmas Cheer bags.

Three different kinds of bags geared towards kids, adults and seniors are available to order, but organizers are also encouraging the community to buy bags for those less fortunate. 

"Not only do we want to spread the Christmas cheer to our friends and family, but there's definitely organizations that could use our help this holiday season. We are working with Pinecrest, Wiigwas Senior and Elder Care, the Fellowship Centre and Women's Shelter, Saakaate House," says It's a Dog's Life volunteer Kaija Saarinen. 

Saarinen is challenging individuals, groups and businesses to come together to order bags that would go to those organizations. The goal of It's A Dog's Life is to sell 300 Christmas Cheer bags. 

"We're working with a few businesses. Green and Gone Pest Solutions, Normand Appliance Repair, Spirit Oak Tea Company and Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Company. They're not only putting in volunteer hours but will be donating a few goodies to put in the bags as well," Saarinen adds. 

100 per cent of the proceeds from the Christmas Cheer bags will go back to It's A Dog's Life. 

Kaija Saarnine joined Thursday's Q Morning Show to tell us more on the Christmas Cheer bags. Listen below! 

- Bags are $10 each and can be ordered by emailing
- In your email order you should include number of bags you would like to order AND specify how many are children's, adult or senior bags
-You will recieve a confirmation email with etransfer instructions. This is to ensure your order can be fulfilled while supplies last before money is sent.
- Once money is sent we will send pick up information
- Bags will be ready for pick up by early December
-If bags are being donated to one of our partner organizations, they will be delivered