The City of Kenora said goodbye to former Fire Chief Todd Skene and welcomed new Chief Kent Readman just over two months ago.

Readman was named Fire Chief back on June 15, 2021, and says it's been an interesting couple of months.

“There’s been lots of going here in Kenora and across the Northwest. Once Chief Skenes’s final date was here, I kind of got thrown right into the evacuations, which made for some really busy times throughout most of July and most of August up till late last week. I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with evacuations in my first couple months,” said Readman

Readman added though it's been a crazy couple of months, he’s been able to familiarize himself with his staff, the city, and getting out to meet people and building relationships with the community.

“It’s been really positive, people are friendly and welcoming and I’m happy to be here,” added Readman

One of the most exciting things Readman likes about his new role is dealing with things that are a little outside of his role such as evacuations.

“You don’t get that experience everywhere you go, dealing with that working with the provincial partners and other local and regional partners to put all these evacuations together. It just has been really interesting and a great learning experience,” concluded Readman

Readman replaced former Fire Chief Todd Skene whose last day was June 30, 2021.