Kenora residents have experienced warmer temperatures than expected for early October.

Some may say that summer isn’t over yet even though we’re into early fall.

Over the past few weeks, Kenora has seen temperatures soar into the low to mid 20’s with an average high of 20.5 degrees Celsius already seen in the early parts of October. The average high for October is usually 8.8 degrees.

Peter Kimbell an Environment Canada Meteorologist spoke with KenoraOnline regarding the recent spike in temperatures.

“It is unusually warm no question about it. We’re just short of records but unusually warm and this is because of a ridge of high pressure that’s basically covering most of eastern North America including northwestern Ontario,” said Kimbell.

The weather has certainly changed from this time last year. According to historical data, on October 1, 2020, Kenora faced snow with 0.4 cm falling. Near the end of October of 2020 14.5 cm of snow was recorded.

Turn the page to yesterday (October 5, 2021), a high of 24.2 degrees was seen in Kenora. The area is expected to receive highs of 24 and 23 respectively today and tomorrow.

Looking forward to the weekend the forecast is showing high chances of rain throughout the area.

The record high for October in Kenora is 25.8 degrees, which was seen in 2011, and the record low being -5.0 degrees back in 1964.