28 new fires were discovered in the region by the evening of Thursday, July 29, according to the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services.

There are 148 active fires in the northwest region. A total of 59 fires are not under control, seven fires are being held, 22 fires are under control and 60 fires are being observed. Fifteen fires were called out today.

The wildland fire hazard ranges from high to extreme in the Kenora District, to a full range of conditions – from low to extreme – the result of localized showers in Red Lake, Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Fort Frances, Thunder Bay and Nipigon Districts.

The new fires are located in the following districts: Fort Frances (10), Kenora (7); Sioux Lookout (4), Red Lake (3), Thunder Bay (2) and Dryden (2) No new fires were found in the Nipigon District.

Fires of Note

Red Lake 65 – of concern to Poplar Hill First Nation

  • Fire has been remapped to 18,330 hectares and is 6 km northwest of the community.
  • The eastern edge of the fire continues to be monitored.
  • Crews are actioning a small section of the northeast side of the fire and are supported by a bucketing helicopter.
  • On July 28th the fire was more active with some areas showing open flame and single tree torching. Windier weather may increase fire behaviour in areas of more active burning along the east flank.
  • Increased smoke in the community is expected due to active fires along the Manitoba boarder and winds from the west.
  • An ignition team is assigned to the fire
  • Four crews are assigned to protect the community and critical infrastructure as well as on the fireline.
  • The Ministry of the Solicitor General has coordinated an evacuation of the community.

Red Lake 51 – of concern to Deer Lake First Nation

  • Fire size is sized at 51,926 hectares and is located approximately 24 kilometres west of the community.
  • Due to winds there has been increased smoke cover across the area.
  • Three crews are focused on the protection of the community and critical infrastructure.
  • The Ministry of the Solicitor General has coordinated an evacuation of the community.

Sioux Lookout 60 - of concern to Cat lake First Nation

  • The fire is 1487 hectares and located 8 kilometres west of the community.
  • The fire displayed limited activity in recent days due to weather conditions
  • Community protection efforts are ongoing.
  • 8 crews are assigned to the fire. Crews are working hoselines on the fire
  • An Incident Management Team from Nova Scotia is managing the fire.

Red Lake 77 – Fire of concern to Red Lake

  • Fire is not under control and has been remapped to 27,172 hectares.
  • Red Lake 77 is approximately 28 kilometres west/northwest of Madsen and is located approximately 33 kilometres west of Red Lake.
  • Fire behaviour on the east side has increased today under drier conditions.
  • A total of 30 pieces of heavy equipment and their operators have been engaged in building approximately 40 kilometres of fire guard in strategic areas.
  • Fireguard continues to be built east of the fire, heavy equipment is making good progress.
  • Bucketing helicopters are working along the fire’s edge to reduce fire behaviour.
  • Crews are working alongside municipal firefighters to protect the community and critical infrastructure.

Kenora 51

  • Fire is not under control and is 171,148 hectares.
  • Fire has been active over the past several days producing smoke at the local level.
  • Crews are working to identify ignition opportunities to bring the fire to natural boundaries.
  • Bucketing helicopters and air attack are being used as required.
  • Crews are establishing hoselines in strategic spots to limit the fire’s spread.
  • An Incident Management Team is established on the fire.