Northwestern Ontario has experienced a very unusual hot and dry summer with high temperatures and little precipitation.

According to Environment Canada data, temperatures through the month of July were above the monthly average.

“Overall for the northwest temperatures were about 2 degrees [Celcius] above normal. Normally for July you would be expecting around 25 to 26 degrees [Celcius] and most places only saw a handful of days below 25 degrees [Celcius] through July,” said Steven Flisfeder Environment Canada Meteorologist

The average high this July was 26.9 degrees Celsius, while historical data has shown that Kenora’s average temperature for the month of July is 24.4 degrees Celsius.

Continuing into August, over the next couple of weeks it will be much of the same story with higher than normal temperatures, added Flisfeder

On two occasions this summer Kenora has broken daily heat records. The first coming back on June 4, 2021, where the city recorded a temperature of 35.8 C, therefore breaking a 33-year-old record of 32.4 C.

The second occasion was back on July 3, 2021, as the mercury topped out at 33.1 C, breaking the previous record for that day of 32.3 C just a year prior.