The Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association have ratified their collective agreement with the KCDSB. Local union president Dean Demers talks about the outcome.

"I'm extremely pleased with the ratification vote. I believe considering contract negotiations went into the provincial level and back to the local level this year, the board was very understanding in the expectations that we had going forward into bargaining. They were willing to sit and have honest meaningful conversations with us with a great outcome at the end, that I think is fair to all the members," he said.

The agreement was reached Friday and by yesterday evening both parties had agreed to ratification. Demers says the KCDSB was very open to negotiations.

"We went through the regular bargaining process. There are always ups and downs, and highs and lows throughout the bargaining process but I'm extremely happy with the outcome. The board was willing to sit and talk. We finally ratified the contract at approximately 2:30 in the morning on Friday. It was a long late night but we were both willing to put that time in to sit and have the discussion and come up with some kind of settlement," he said.

The local agreement was reached under the province's new two-tier bargaining process. Demers says last night's vote by the union members for ratification was unanimous.

The agreement will date back to September 2014, and will expire in August 2017.

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