Yesterday, the KCDSB was celebrating Leadership day! Student leaders from St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John in Red Lake gathered at the Golden Eagle Bingo Hall in Wauzhushk Onigum to hear from guest speakers and take part in leadership activities. The event was held in conjunction with today's Professional Development Day for Teachers. Superintendent of Instructional Services, Mary Cunningham, said students heard from the same guest speakers that are visiting teachers today.

 "We were able to get some really excellent top notch speakers, and we asked them if they would consider coming for an extra day to talk with our students, and they're so generous with their time that they did that. So today, we have the same speakers that will be talking with our teachers tomorrow here with our leadership core from 7 to 12, from our high school and St. John in Red Lake,"

Cunningham  explained what she hoped the students took away from the experience.

 "I guess, I hope that they see the power that they have. The power of one to make a big difference for many, and just the whole idea of there's so much more potential that everyone has and we just have to reach in deep and pull it out. So, we're hoping they take some of the tools for that away from today," she said.

Students were provided lunch, and took part in numerous events including square dance lessons to demonstrate how Whitefish Bay First Nation members would connect with non-aboriginal people in the past.



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