The Kenora Catholic District School Board is looking for your input on the return to school in September. The board is hosting a Thoughtexchange conversation to help gather ideas and opinions.

Director of Education, Derek Haime, hosted an info session last week to explain the process.

"We do accept constructive criticism all the time, which this Thoughtexchange will certainly include. There will be many successes highlighted, but there will also be some shortcomings highlighted, which we will take very seriously and try to move forward with your help," he said.

The two questions being asked are;

When we consider at-home learning during school closures, what has worked well and what do we need to improve? and, As we look forward to September, what are the most important things we should consider to ensure everyone feels safe and supported?

The Thoughtexchange conversation is happening now and will be open until June 24. Participants are invited to revisit the Thoughtexchange often as new thoughts and ideas come about.

For more information;

Thoughtexchange Conversation