The Kenora area has been blessed with much-needed rain in the past couple of weeks that has brought relief from the heat that the area has experienced throughout the summer.

So much rain has fallen that the area exceeded the monthly precipitation average for August. This is the first time this summer the area has met or exceeded a monthly rain average.

Environment Canada was able to provide insight on exactly how much rain the area received.

“So far we have had 99.6 millimetres of precipitation, and if we looked at the normal it should be around 84.2 millimetres so we have gone above,” said Gerald Chang Environment Canada Meteorologist

Chang added that in years past the Kenora area has consistently hit its August rain target. The last year Kenora didn’t hit its monthly target for August was 2018, where only 44.6 millimetres fell, which was just half of the expected amount.

The rain has brought milder temperatures through August with the max temperature for the month being 24.3 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 15.2 degrees.

Looking forward to the first couple weeks of September, Chang noted the extreme heat may be in the rearview mirror.

“I think we can see looking ahead is that temperatures are basically slowing going back to seasonal, and seasonal should be around 20 degrees or so for this time of year. I’m not seeing a lot of signals where we’re going to get another heatwave or mild wave as we head into the rest of September,” says Chang.

Moving into the first few days of September rain is in the forecast for the end of the week into the weekend. The monthly rainfall average for September is around 84 to 85 millimetres.