After a summer of very little to no rain, the Kenora area has seen a mass amount of precipitation to begin the month of September.

Environment Canada was able to provide the precipitation statistics from the first week of September.

“If we count the first 6 days of the month our total precipitation is around 32 millimetres, and that’s compared to the normal for September which should be around 85.6 millimetres,” said Gerald Chang Environment Canada Meteorologist

In the past few weeks, the area has seen a large amount of rain, and cooler temperatures that brought relief for the scorching heat the area saw earlier in the summer.

Since August 20, 2021, Kenora has seen a total of 88.8 millimetres of rain, which is more rain than the whole month of July saw with only 68 millimetres recorded.

Moving forward into the next couple of weeks Chang noted that the rain will continue with dry spells in between.

“I think we are looking at unsettled conditions, especially for the next few days. The jet stream is bringing big systems through the area, and we will see some rainy days, but also we will see some dry stretches as well,” says Chang

In total this summer from June 1, 2021 to today,  September 8, 2021, the area has received a total of 218.1 millimetres of rain. This equals out to being 71 per cent of the average rain seen for those months, which is 306.3 millimetres.