Kenora's Armoury is getting a new name. Private David Kejick is being honoured as the new namesake for the armoury.

Battery Commander of the 116th Independent Field Battery, Major Jon Baker talked about the renaming.

"It absolutely is a big deal. Not only because it hasn't had a name until now, but also because this is an opportunity to reflect on the military heritage of the Kenora area, and specifically the valour of Private David Kejick," he said.

Major Baker explained that when military buildings are renamed, they're typically named after the highly decorated military members in the region.

"When we started looking around for the highest decorated military member from the Kenora region, it ended up being Private David Kejick," he explained.

He touched on Kejick's legacy.

"He served the Canadian Armed Forces dutifully for many years during WW1, and thankfully came home alive from that conflict, and served his community dutifully for many years afterwards," he said.

Kejick was 20-years-old, when he enlisted in Kenora in the fall of 1916. He served in Canada, England, France and Belgium for over two years, and he earned a Distinguished Conduct Medal in the last weeks of the war.

The renaming will take place on Saturday, and there will also be an open house for the Armoury.

The ceremony will publicly unveil new signage in front of the Armoury that bears Private Kejick’s name. Members of the public are invited to attend the renaming ceremony at 11:00 a.m., as well as view military equipment displays inside the Kenora Armoury before and after the ceremony from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Staff will direct traffic to the designated parking areas at the Kenora Armoury.