Staff with the City of Kenora have been forced to close down a number of docks and boat launches in the community, due to rising and extreme water levels in the area.

The City of Kenora’s Municipal Emergency Control Group says Parks and Facility staff recently conducted an assessment of all city-owned docks for structural issues, and some have now become unstable, or have been covered by rising water levels.

The following docks have now closed for the time being:

- Kenora Recreation Centre’s middle loading dock (boardwalks and rec centre ramps remain open)
- Seventh Street South Dock
- Anicinabe Park Docks
- Keewatin river and Portage Bay Boat Launches

''The Anicinabe Park boat launch and docks underwater on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

The following docks remain open at this time, with crews continuing to monitor conditions:

- Keewatin Arena
- Keewatin Wharf
- Water Street Docks
- Hospital Emergency Dock
- Matheson Street Pier
- Whitecap Pavilion Harbourfront Docks
- North and middle docks at Coney Island Beach (all others closed at Coney)

The city says the condition of docks and launches can change quickly as water levels continue to rise in the area. Boaters are asked to use caution and survey the dock area before attempting to launch or dock, to avoid injury or damage to personal and private property.

Boaters are also reminded to use caution when going past homes on waterways that are sandbagged, as wakes can damage or overcome sandbagged walls that have been built to protect homes.

The City of Kenora is also asking residents to help report flooding or rising water levels in the area. You’re asked to send an email to to report water that is at concerning levels, or flooded roads. You may also call City Hall at 467-2000 between Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.