It's market day. That means Kenora city council's looking for new ways to deal with traffic along the greenbelt. Mayor Dave Canfield offers his comments.

"If we did not allow that parking, we'd have a lot more people sittin' in the gallery screaming about 'No Parking' again. So, it's a matter of just mitigating the safety issues, working with the people to make sure we can find a solution that works for everybody and I think that's doable, quite doable," he said.

During yesterday's meeting, city councilors offered a number of suggestions, including moving a bike lane to the north side of Lakeview.

"It's one of those Catch-22 situations. Whereas we ride bikes all over. You know, I'm in Toronto a fair bit for meetings, and I see people riding down Yonge Street. There's traffic on both sides. You know, they're right in the traffic. It's an awareness thing," said the mayor.

"If you're coming around there (the greenbelt) at the speed you're going, you're probably going as fast as the traffic. So, why would you be close to the people opening the doors in the first place. You're going to be stay out," he added.

Before the meeting, members of council had talked with cyclists, who talked about their safety concerns along the greenbelt. Operations manager Rick Perchuk noted the city has offered several different solutions to the situation in recent years, which was adding a sense of confusion.  

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