Warmer temperatures this weekend along with the addition of US travelers into Canada will bring added tourists and vacationers to the area over the weekend.

Kenora Fire and Emergency Services Fire Chief Kent Readman wants to remind the public, fires are prohibited in the area.

“Just a reminder for the City of Kenora and all around our surrounding area that there is a Restricted Fire Zone and a fire ban on. That limits all of the burning that can happen right now, just precautionary safety measures to make sure we don’t have any new fires start or fires that get out of control that endanger people properties or lives,” said Readman

Readman added that if people are caught burning within the fire ban, residents could face fines under the Provincial Offences Act and or face a cost recovery scenario where the person is liable to pay the apparatus and fire fighting costs to extinguish the fire.

The Restricted Fire Zone prohibits grass, debris, and campfires, even when using an outdoor fire grate, fireplace, or fire pit. Portable gas stoves may still be used BUT must be handled with extreme care.

It is a temporary measure put in place to prevent human-caused fires when the fire hazard is extreme or when firefighting resources are limited.

In some cases, municipalities have implemented a burning ban, which restricts the use of fireworks, in addition to the Restricted Fire Zone.