In some ‘lighter on the bank account’ news, gas prices in Kenora have once again dropped. 

As of 2:00 pm, July 6, gas prices at one Kenora gas station dropped by 9 cents.  

The gas price at the Husky on Lakeview Drive went from 214.9 per litre of regular fuel to 205.0 per litre.  

This particular Husky is the only gas station in Kenora to see a price change, most of the other stations remain around 214.9 for now. Prices are up an average of 75 cents from this time last year.  

Kenora continues to be ranked one of the most expensive places in Canada to buy fuel. However, northwestern Ontario's fuel prices continue to be much more expensive than the average fuel price of Ontario which is currently 190.6 per litre of fuel.  

Fuel prices in Kenora reached an all-time high on June 16, 2022, when they reached 223.9 per litre of fuel.  

Most stations in Dryden continue to sit around 210.9 per litre of fuel, however, the two Husky stations recently dropped to 205.9 per litre of fuel according to  

Fuel prices in Sioux Lookout remain the highest, currently sitting around 220.9 a litre of fuel according to