The price of gas continues to drop in northwestern Ontario, although, prices remain sky-high.

After another drop in fuel prices over the Canada Day Long Weekend, the average price of gas in the Kenora area is sitting around 214.9 per litre, with prices closer to 210.2 in Dryden and as high as 231.0 in Sioux Lookout.

As it stands, Kenora drivers are paying for the 10th most expensive fuel in Canada at 214.9, tied with a number of communities in British Columbia and one in Quebec. We’re the only community in the top 25 in Ontario.

In Winnipeg, prices are just shy of the $2 per litre mark at 199.9. In Thunder Bay, prices range from 168.9 to 199.5 per litre, which are fairly in line with Ontario’s average price of 189.9 and the national average of 197.1.

The most expensive fuel in Canada can be found in Squamish, BC at 224.9, while the cheapest fuel can be found in Bonnyville, AB at 170.9.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation rates and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kenora area’s all-time gas price record was 144.9 set in May of 2013. The record’s been broken over 10 times since October 2021, and it took until May 18, 2022 to break the $2 mark in the area.

Kenora Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford notes last week’s cut of the provincial gas tax is already in effect and will stay in effect until the end of 2022, helping to take another 6 cents off of the price of fuel in Ontario, to ease some financial pressure on residents across the province.

“We can’t strip much more. The money that the province gets from a litre of gasoline goes right back into our roads and highways. We’re shoring that up, no compromises there. We just felt that the priority was to give people some relief.”

Rickford adds that in his opinion, more can be done to help residents by the federal government.

“I wish the federal government would do the same. Where’s Justin? Like, honestly. This is something that needs to be…. The costs just go up and up. It’s the least that we could do.”

Ontario says the average Ontario vehicle owner can expect to save about $465 in 2022 from the gas tax cut and Ontario’s previous elimination and refunding of licence plate renewal fees.