The City of Kenora is beginning its budget process.

Last night, three of the groups that receive funding from the city made their submissions for 2023.

Marj Curtis-Poirier is the vice-chair of the Kenora Public Library Board and says they are looking at over a three percent increase this year.

“All of this brings our proposed budget up from last year's actual budget of $743,048 to $766,000, or 3.2 percent,” Curtis-Poirier said to city council during her presentation Wednesday night.

“Most of this is due to staff salaries and benefits. This is in line with the increased benefits that were agreed upon during the collective bargaining process.”

Council also heard from Triple Play which is asking for $12,000 dollars from the City of Kenora this year, and the All National Health Partners Kenora Physician Recruitment Committee, which is seeking an increase in the city’s contribution from $25,000 annually to $40,000.