Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield has been busy over the last few days in Thunder Bay. That's because the Northern Ontario Municipalities Association is holding their annual meeting. Mayor Canfield says this year is going to be very busy.

"It's gonna be a busy session because we've got lots of presenters. More people wanting time on the agenda than we have room. I know our registration was well over 200 by last week. It's gonna be a big NOMA, I'm not gonna say the largest ever but. A lot of interest from business groups and people that want to be involved in NOMA," he said.

The big focus of this year's conference will be wayfinding. Wayfinding is helping people who are visiting to find certain things that will encourage them to stay longer and spend more money.

Canfield will also be discussing the reinstated Connecting Links Program at NOMA. The province has pledged $15 million for municipalities with main arterial roads that double as provincial highways.

However, Canfield says Kenora could be missing out so he plans on speaking with Minister Michael Gravelle.

"I will be talking to him at NOMA. I don't think just from what I've seen we will get any. We don't have any connecting links, we used to but they were disallowed. This might be something that falls through the cracks. Even though we did get the funding for the one bridge we need more. So if this is something that falls through the cracks we'll just keep pushing for more," he said.  

The money will be set aside to help municipalities pay for construction costs and repairs to these roads and border crossings. The NOMA conference began on Wednesday in Thunder Bay and finishes up today.

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