The community had an opportunity to meet with Kenora’s Olympian swimming sensation Gabe Mastromatteo yesterday. 

A meet and greet was set up last night at Kenora’s Home Hardware to allow residents to come and take pictures, get a signed autograph and speak with Mastromatteo.

“It’s awesome just seeing people I didn’t necessarily know were behind me supporting me, is really nice to meet everyone that I used to spend time with and being in the same area with and I really appreciated it,” said Mastromatteo

The fact the meet and greet was held at the Home Hardware held a special meaning to Mastromatteo and he was very grateful for the oppourtunity he said.

“They were my first employer, it’s pretty cool to come back and meet everyone I used to work with. It was very nice of them. If I can put myself where I can meet people, they facilitated that and I’m happy, not surprised but definitely humbled by it, everyone cares which is nice,” added Mastromatteo

Gabe MastromatteoMastromatteo signing autographs and enjoying seeing people from the community.

Mastromatteo competed at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in the 4x100m Men's Medley Relay, the 4x100 Mixed Medley Relay, and the Men’s 100 Metre Breaststroke as an individual.

Mastromatteo will spend his last few days in Kenora before heading back to school this weekend at the University of Toronto and prepare for school and the upcoming swim season.

He noted he is looking forward to getting back in a routine with school and swimming, keep his grades up, and continuing to work hard to push himself every day.