Northwestern Ontario could break an over-40-year weather record today.

Meteorologists say the region hit a record high of 16.1 degrees today in 1978, and today's forecast is calling for a high of up to 18 degrees.

The Kenora area was just shy of breaking a nearly 70-year-old record on November 1, as temperatures reached a high of 13.3 degrees – below 1958’s record of 15 degrees for the day.

Steven Filsfeder with Environment Canada says actually hitting and breaking today’s record could be a stretch, but notes the extremely warm weather for early November is being seen across Ontario.

“It’s not just Kenora, it’s pretty much the entire province. A lot of warm air is coming from the southern United States, making its way through the province.”

“We’ve been seeing daily high temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above their normal for this time of year. Today’s record high would put us 16 degrees higher than normal today.”

Filsfeder says temperatures are expected to start dropping again over the weekend and into next week with showers and possible flurries.