The Kenora OPP continues to be concerned with amounts of thefts and mischief within the city, as April of 2022 saw an 11.8 per cent increase in property crime, as presented at May 24, 2022, Kenora Police Services Board Meeting.

In total, April of 2022 saw the OPP report 76 property crime-related incidents, compared to only 68 in the same time period last year, a change of 13 per cent year-over-year.

Though property crime has gone down slightly, the Kenora OPP still want to shed light on their Lock It or Lose It campaign, to assist people in protecting their personal items in and around their home.

“Make sure your doors are locked on your vehicles, always roll up your windows, and take your keys with you,” says Kenora OPP Provincial Constable, Jason Canfield. “Never leave your vehicle unattended while it’s running. If you have a garage use it, and lock the doors.”

Pertaining to your vehicle, Canfield adds to keep your car in a well-lit area if storing it overnight to help deter people from attempting to break in.

Break & enter’s stayed the same in April as eight were reported. Thefts over $5,000 saw four more last month than April 2021, and thefts under $5,000, actually went down 5.4 per cent as only 35 incidents were reported, compared to 37 in 2021. Fraud saw a bit of a spike as the OPP saw 9 cases of fraud in April, while only 1 was reported back in April 2021. Mischief saw a 5 per cent drop as well.

Canfield suggests residents write down the serial number of personal items such as bikes.

“If we have a serial number, it’s a lot easier for us to get back and we can write it in our system and then if the bikes are found later we can contact the person cause it will be in our system with their name on it,” adds Canfield.

“Usually the serial number on bikes is on the bottom of the bike right in between where the pedals are in the crank area.”

In response to the increasing thefts in Kenora, the OPP is continuing to perform foot patrols throughout the community.

“We do rely on the public to report anything. We definitely do focus patrols especially when we see a string in a certain neighbourhood. People calling in for minor thefts will definitely help us get out and do the patrols where they’re needed.”

Kenora OPP officers responded to 1483 Calls for Service in April.